Our Objectives

Company Objectives

Our aspiration to positively impact the Nigerian Agriculture space essentially rests (and will be ultimately delivered) by a successful execution of our desired business strategy and our value chain approach:

Business strategy

To create revenue in an incident-free manner and integrate our core principles and values into the communities in which we operate. To serve as a conduit for technological advancement and capital investments into Nigeria.

Value chain

To mitigate operational risk and ensure sustainability, we are working to establish a full value upstream and downstream operation on 4,000 hectares of farmland.
365 Farms is actively engaged in negotiations to construct a scalable, high-quality cassava starch processing plant. At full scale, we are projecting to produce up to 30,000 MT of starch p/a.

We strongly believe that commercial farming/industrial processing of agricultural products has the potential to catalyze the Nigerian Economy into the next phase of industrialization.

We anticipate change and respond with creative solutions

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