Quick Pitch

365 Farms is an innovative startup founded to optimize commercial farming opportunities in Nigeria while proffering solutions to complex problems unique to the Nigerian society.

We strongly believe that commercial farming/industrial processing of agricultural products has the potential to catalyze the Nigerian Economy into the next phase of industrialization.

The Problem

In 2018, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development noted that approximately 40% of local produce is ultimately wasted; clearly, the problem extended beyond the farming process. In the US, while only about 2% (2.1 million) of the country’s population are farmers, American farms contribute about $136b to the nation’s GDP.
Agriculture in Nigeria has the potential to significantly revamp the economy if inadequacies in infrastructure, mechanization, research, record keeping, and financing are properly tackled.

The Solution

Our solution to the problem is to bridge the observed gaps in mechanization and research by leveraging a completely analytic process to product development; our strategic intent is to maximize cost and process efficiencies via the application of the most modern technologies available in the market. The endgame for us, is to deliver the highest quality agricultural products (embracing a fully mechanized process) that delivers optimal value to customers and optimum returns to both shareholders and stakeholders.

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